About Genericart

Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd.

Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. is at the top of Generic Medicine store, PAN India with ISO 9001:2015. We are engaged in appointing franchisee of Generic Medicine shops all over India. We have more than 1200 registered stores under Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. across 7 states and millions of satisfied customers are taking benefit.

The aim is to open more than 25000 stores across India by 2031 and give the best possible service to people.

Company has created more than 10,000 Jobs…

Company has generated 10,000 employment through the franchise model directly or indirectly. In the coming year the company is planning to establish its own stores across PAN INDIA.

We invite experienced people to boost the business. We have more than 1000 opening across all states for pharmacist profile.

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Company Operated Shop 

If you have a space and want to start business with us. Here company will establish all the shops on their own and will make you a partner in business.

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Franchise Model

We have a different franchise model with us.

Shop Franchise

What is the requirement for Franchisee?

Investment - You should be able to invest 7 to 10 lakh rupees with expandable capital of Rs 3 to 4 lakh

Required - 1 or 2 pharmacist

Space - Minimum space of 150 sq feet (Basement or semi basement not allowed)

Location - Should be on main road of the city or market place etc.

100% Documentation & Licensing - As per FDA Guidelines

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District Head Franchise/ Zonal Head Franchise

Local Person - resident in same city for more than 8 years

Investment capacity up to 2.5L to 6L for District Head & 15L to 55L for Zonal Head.


A person who can give quality time

Social involvement

We need business man who will think of earning money.

Business man will look that how can I get maximum numbers of client.

His/her role is not to sell the medicines.

Our business is not doctor centric but it’s totally client centric.

Should have urge to earn minimum Rs.25 lakhs per year.

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