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Introduction :

GLIBENCLAMIDE 5 MG + METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE 500 MG belongs to a category of medicines known as anti-diabetic drugs. It is a combination of two medicines used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. It helps control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Glibenclamide belongs to the sulfonylurea class of medications. It works by stimulating the pancreas to release insulin, thereby lowering blood sugar levels. Glibenclamide is primarily used to control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Metformin is a biguanide medication. It works by decreasing the amount of glucose produced by the liver and improving insulin sensitivity in the bodys tissues. Metformin is commonly used as a first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus to help control blood sugar levels.

Indication :

GLIBENCLAMIDE 5 MG + METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE 500 MG Tablet is a medicine that helps to control high blood glucose (sugar) levels. It helps get rid of extra glucose from your body through urine. It also improves the body?s response to the hormone insulin, which is responsible for regulating blood glucose (sugar) levels in our body. The insulin helps to lower your blood glucose levels and prevents them from rising after taking meals. You should keep taking it for as long as it is prescribed. Lowering blood glucose levels is an essential part of managing diabetes. If you can control the level you will reduce the risk of getting any of the serious complications of diabetes such as kidney damage, eye damage, nerve problems, and loss of limbs. Taking this medicine regularly along with proper diet and exercise will help you live a normal, healthy life.

Administration :

Tablet should be taken with food. Take it regularly at the same time each day to get the most benefit. Your doctor will decide what dose is best for you and this may change from time to time according to how it is working according to your blood sugar levels.

Storage :

Store the medicine in a closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light. Keep out of the reach of children

Side Effects :

side effects that may be seen on taking this medicine include taste changes, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, and upper respiratory tract infection. Some people may find that they put on weight with this medicine.

Contraindications :

If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor for advice before taking this medicine. You must not take this medicine while you are breast-feeding

Safety Advice / Warnings :

You should not take it if you have type 1 diabetes mellitus, if you have diabetic ketoacidosis (high levels of acid in your blood), or if you have severe kidney or liver disease. Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor if you have ever had heart disease. This medication may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), especially when used with glibenclamide. Patients should be educated about the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and how to manage it. It is unsafe to consume alcohol with this medication

References :

Glyburide and Metformin HCl. Princeton, New Jersey: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; 2009. [Accessed 08 Apr. 2019] Product Information: GLUCOPHAGE(R) oral tablets, metformin HCl oral tablets. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (per FDA), Princeton, NJ, 2017.

Mechanism of Action :

Glibenclamide stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas, which helps lower blood sugar levels. Metformin decreases glucose production by the liver and improves insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues, leading to reduced blood sugar levels.

Therapeutic :

Anti Diabetic


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