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What are Generic Medicines, and why should one Buy Generic Medicines
What are Generic Medicines, an...

The pharmaceutical industry is worth around $934.8 billion and is said to reach ...

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Generic Drugs vs. Brand: What You Need to Know
Generic Drugs vs. Brand: What ...

One of the most common questions I get as a pharmacist is, “Are generics really ...

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10 Important FAQs About Generic Medicines
10 Important FAQs About Generi...

1. What are Generic Medicines? A generic medicine is just the similar medicines...

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Marketing strategy of pharma companies : Branded Vs Generic
Marketing strategy of pharma c...

How the marketing strategy of branded and generic pharmaceutical companies impac...

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Why generic medicines in India are not so popular?
Why generic medicines in India...

Amid the COVID pandemic, a new normal has been introduced to the country that sa...

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